Why Fern:

  • Over 40 years of construction experience
  • We have multiple pricing options available, depending upon the size and scope of the project
  • We coordinate all of your appointments with our dependable trades people
  • We help you communicate with quality dealers that we know you can count on
  • Because of our relationships, we are able to get you the best products at reasonable prices
  • We have a rich history of building quality projects
  • Our building style allows flexibility during the construction process
  • We make ourselves easily accessible to our clients.

Our owner, Mike Fern, has been building for over 40 years and brings his experience into your projects.  His experience, combined with his outstanding communication skills, help bring people’s ideas and expectations to life in their structures.  Using quality carpentry and dependable sub contractors, he has been able to build quality products under the Fern Construction name. 

When you use Fern Construction you are using our qualified carpenters, our network of proven subcontractors and honest dealers.  With this combination we have been able to deliver a quality product to our clients at an honest price with no hidden costs. 

Most importantly to you, we always make ourselves easily accessible to our clients.  If you are a first time buyer or even an experienced builder, you can be assured that we will be available to answer all of your questions within a reasonable time frame.  We do this because we want you to have the best building experience possible and want to enable you to make the best decisions by using our experience and knowledge. 

Lastly, we always value our relationships with our customers. Fern Construction is run on old fashioned principals that holds Integrity, Trust, Respect and Professionalism very highly and we do our very best to deliver the promised end result to our customers. It is because of these principals, that we get many repeat customers and a lot of personal recommendations.

When you build with Fern, you are building with experience.