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What we are:

Fern Construction is a premier General Contractor firm that specializes in custom homes, residential remodeling, and light commercial work.  We don't just provide a structure for our clients, we provide them with the best building experience that we possibly can.

Our Mission:

We strive to give our clients the best product that our 34 years of experience can offer.  We hold our standard of quality over every other aspect of building and have been able to build our name around it. By using our quality carpenters and proven sub contractors we have been able to maintain that reputation.

We understand that when you are building a custom home you are building it from a long list of expectations.  From our experience it is very hard to define a lot of these expectations right at the beginning of the project, so we use a system that enables us to be very flexible with the client throughout the whole building process to get their desired end result.   

Core Values:

Excellence, Flexibility, Integrity, Responsibility and Safety

As a company, Fern Construction pursues excellence in every aspect of the building process and takes pride in their work.  We are flexible to our customer’s needs, which we understand are different for everyone.  We will hold ourselves responsible for our work and actions while maintaining the integrity of the company.  We will put our customers, our workers and the community’s safety before any other need that we have.